Segway x2 SE

x2Icon Go the extra mile

Cut through the rough

Achieve more

The right tools make all the difference

Rugged tires

Go anywhere you want. Head off road, plow through the mud, fly over the planes and ride the rocky tracks. Have confidence in your destination.

20 km/h speed

Easily travel at high speed on any terrain. Seamlessly integrate your indoor, outdoor and off-road traveling. 


With its robust exterior the x2 SE is built to resist. The two batteries, that work independent from each other, ensure that you'll never be caught off guard.

Never mind the terrain

Go wherever you need to be

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How does Segway work? Watch the Discovery Channel episode.
By Largest Dams

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See how the sturdy Segway x2 SE easily handles uneven terrains.
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Blaze your own trail. Work hard, play harder, and get a little dirty, all without breaking a sweat.
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Main features

Rugged tires
Mud, grass or rocky paths – comfortable with almost every type of terrain
Cargo handles
Allow for easy lifting and provides mounting points for accessories
Wide base platform
Stable platform optimized for your comfort
Extremely durable
Made of the very best materials and assembled with great care
Hard cases, handlebar bags, cargo plates and smartphone and tablet holders 
Two batteries
Allow for a longer battery life and extra protection


Product Segway x2 SE
Appropriate age 16-60
Max speed 20 km/h / 12.5 mph 
Net Weight 54.7 kg
Dimension 670 x 840 x 1190 - 1320 mm
Battery 382 Wh
Max. climb angle 20 degree
Driver weight 117 kg (min 45 kg) / 18.5 Stone  (min 7 Stone) 
Remote control via App No
App Monitor No
Bluetooth No
Water resistance IP54
Power output 2000 W x 2
Max. mileage 23km+ / 16-20 Miles *
Tire size 21 inch / 53.3 cm 
Max. charging time 12 hours
Box contents PT, LeanSteer, user manual, InfoKeys (x 2), Battery (x 2)
Box dimensions 660 x 965 x 762 mm
* Tested under riding in full power, 70kg load, 25°C environmental temperature and 15km/h average speed on pavement. 

Please note that rules and regulations for riding Segway products on public roads differ for every country, for more information check our Support page.

Change the way you work

The Segway x2 SE is our all-terrain master. It gets you places where you need to be, safely and quickly. 
With its sturdy build and all terrain tires, the x2 SE is comfortable with almost every type of terrain. Be safe on muddy roads, grass plains or rocky paths. Surfaces with a steep slope? Harsh weather conditions? The x2 SE is your go-to means of reliable transportation. 
With a removable steer the x2 SE is really easy to bring along with you in almost any type of vehicle.
Be adventurous and reach out to places you haven't been to before. Go places you wouldn't believe were inside your reach and explore those places a hoverboard won't take you.
Don't worry about your footprint, this Segway x2 SE is environmentally friendly.
Made with the greatest care and highest quality durable material, the x2 SE is extremely reliable. Carrying two batteries that function independently, you'll never be caught off guard. On the road, on the job, or wherever.
Bring anything you need on the job. Whether it's business related or you need to get your hands dirty; with the mount accessories and oversized cargo handles you can bring anything along with you. And using the special tablet and phone holder, you can even bring your office with you.

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